MRAs: Colorado is calling you. Better pick up the phone

Important update: If you want to attend this event, email me at so I can put you on a mail list. We are capping attendance at 20 people and 10 have already signed on. 

Also, here is a good read on purchasing airline tickets that may be helpful.

In March of 2017 AVFM is planning a retreat for MRAs in the mountains west of Denver. This will be a relatively small group, 15-20 tops, to meet in a lodge or group of cabins within an hour of the Denver airport, starting EDIT: Thursday, April 27, and ending Sunday, April 30.

We will conduct the event largely as we did the retreat last October in North Carolina. We will be securing a group rate to keep it affordable for everyone. A $50 buy in per person for food for the duration will be required (we ate well in North Carolina) on that budget. Totally BYO on party materials.

Everyone is expected to provide their own transportation from the airport to the event and back, but like last time there will be several who drive in or rent cars at the airport, so if you want to make arrangements with another group member to share car expenses that is fine.

Only one rule at the retreat. No activism. There will be food galore, beautiful scenery, great fellowship, lots of good conversation, but NO WORK.

Things we learned from last time. The mountain lodge was fantastic, but it was a complete bitch to get to on the mountain roads. We will be choosing something with easier access this time. But we still want to keep it fairly isolated.

We have not nailed down a location yet, but we intend to keep it comfortable and reasonable. Your lodging for the whole event should not be any more than a couple of hundred dollars, plus the food budget.

Other than check in and check out, there will be no timetable of events. Most of us will be cooking, chewing the fat and talking shit around a camp fire at night. But this is Colorado after all. Plenty to go see and do for those who want to.

All AVFMers, AEFMers and MGTOW are invited, provided that WE KNOW YOU. No, Clementine, you are not invited. This one is open to men and women alike.

If you are interested in coming, please email me at to claim your spot. I will put you on a mail list for the retreat. When we nail down the location, we will send you a link to it so you know what to expect, and provide you a deadline for payment.

It will also be helpful to you if you are on Skype, as we will be forming a Skype retreat group for more open communication.

Oh, and I promise not to take video of you shouting obscenities at Jessica Valenti. Well, unless of course you want me to.

We had an amazing time at the last retreat, and we are due for another one.

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