“Known Genital Mutilator” Dr. Michael Read of Southport, AU bloodies up the Gold Coast

Dr. Michael Read has been placed on the “Known Genital Mutilators” directory at neonatalcutting.org.

From his website gccircumcisions.com.au under “Home” we read:

Gold Coast Circumcision – Infants, Boys and Adult Circumcision

Gold Coast Circumcisions is operated by Dr Michael Read MBBS. For more than 25 years he has performed penile circumcision. Dr Read recognized the need to offer a dedicated, high quality male circumcision service to all age groups He has focused his surgical practice on performing infant circumcision, childhood circumcision, ADULT circumcision and vasectomy. The circumcisions and vasectomies are performed in his clinic without requirement for hospital admission for any age group.

At Gold Coast Circumcisions the operating rooms we have mean there are no hospital or day surgery costs. Baby circumcision and the circumcision of pre-pubertal boys are performed with minimal discomfort because of an effective pain relieving cream applied to the penis and foreskin. A Plastibell device is used for boys and babies.

ADULTS require a different procedure, but this is also free of significant pain during and after surgery. We make a determined effort to ensure our patients are comfortable throughout their operation and we receive many spontaneous positive comments about this.”

Come on, doctor, who’s kidding who – you’re mostly cutting unconsenting infants who’re unable to make any “comments,” and if they could, they certainly would not be “positive.”

Also, doctor, what are you doing with all those foreskins? Are you selling them to skin care companies for additional blood money, or are you simply throwing those poor babies’ genital parts into the trash?

Under “Important Circumcision Information:”

You decide what you want. Circumcision can be performed simply because you want one. You may prefer the appearance, the enhanced hygiene and ease of management. Your girlfriend, wife or partner might simply prefer it. The accumulation of urine and smegma under the foreskin produces an offensive smell that often can’t be stopped by the most fastidious attention to cleaning.
Foreskin removal appears to be protective against a number of STD’s particularly HIV and could be considered an insurance policy.
We make no discrimination based on sexual preference. Teens, young men and older men, homosexual, bisexual and heterosexual all happily access our service without barriers.

Doctor, when you say “you decide what you want,” does that apply to the most precious and vulnerable of us all, infants? For them it’s ‘we decide, you lie there and submit.’

Wait…you say soap and water can’t clean human skin, so it must be amputated, and smegma, a natural part of the human body is, according to you, unnecessary and offensive? Not only are you mutilating infants against their will, but for ignorant, mundane, and selfish reasons.

And even if circumcision prevented STDs, which it does not, this argument wrongly assumes sex without condoms is safe, hardly “an insurance policy.”

Again, I’m happy for those few adults choosing circumcision without discrimination, extremely sad and outraged for those infants without that choice.

And then we see:

Foreskin Problems – Medical Indications

Of course circumcision is often performed for a medical problem. Many stoical men persevere with foreskin complaints that can be readily fixed.

Glad to hear you fix actual medical problems. Shouldn’t that be all that you do to infants?

Under “Plastibell Circumcision” we read:

For infants and boys Dr Read uses a Plastibell device. A small ring fits over the head of the penis under the foreskin. The ring size is selected appropriately at the time of surgery. A tie is applied to the outside of the foreskin compressing the skin against the Plastibell ring. This effectively clamps off the blood flow to the end of the foreskin and allows it to be removed.

The Plastibell is designed to produce a good cosmetic outcome and contributes to a safe circumcision. The clamping effect of the tie around the prepuce or foreskin ensures complete blood vessel occlusion. Bleeding should not occur. In addition, it is an effective barrier against any infection spreading above the tie.

It’s a tourniquet on a boy’s genitals, crushing and pinching the organ until it dies off. For what, doctor, the parents’ religious ritual? Lies about keeping clean? Some people’s disgust for the intact penis? Extra money for unethical doctors?

And finally, “The Circumcision Procedure:”

We like to discuss the procedure beforehand, advising our patients about what to expect and to listen to their expectations. This is often done on a day prior to a scheduled surgery date but it is possible to schedule the consultation and surgery for the same day. My staff need to make appropriate scheduling for this and need to be clearly advised if you want same day surgery.

Generally the procedure is performed without complication but patients are advised of risks such as bleeding and haematoma, infections and removal of too much or too little skin, damage to the glans, changes in sensation or non pleasing aesthetics. Patients are advised to abstain from intercourse for six weeks to ensure adequate skin healing.

Shaving of the scrotum and pubic hair is performed pre-operatively. A consent form is provided for signature before surgery.

The surgical procedure is known as a sleeve technique. Many of our patients have encountered terms like high and low, tight and loose. These refer to the location of the cut or scar and the amount of skin removed. Almost all men request a low scar of medium tightness. This generally replicates the appearance of circumcision performed in infancy. Open discussion about your own style preference is encouraged.

The surgery itself will usually take an hour. A fine, skin coloured, absorbable stitch is used. Every endeavour is taken to ensure a good cosmetic outcome. I certainly see and revise circumcisions that have not provided a happy aesthetic outcome. Without proper attention it is possible to get significant scarring, irregular mismatched stitch lines, skin bridging and tunnelling, loose skin tags and overly tight or loose outcomes.

The above excerpt must refer to adult circumcisions, as “advising our patients about what to expect and to listen to their expectations” is impossible for infants. But does that stop the doctor? No, he forces the mutilation on a defenseless baby.

Why would any parent risk all the above complications (the doctor ‘forgot’ to list death) for an operation with no upside, but is guaranteed to change “sensation” because the highly erogenous foreskin is totally removed.

Under “Before Your Circumcision” we read:

Before surgery you are asked to sign a consent form and the baby is provided with an identification bracelet. The baby is taken and Dr Read with the help of his experienced nursing staff will perform the procedure. Your boy will be returned to you for comforting and feeding after the procedure and Dr Read will explain the post operative management.

Before who’s surgery? As if the infant can read this.

Oh, I see, one person consents to another person’s permanent and risky surgery – as long as that person is an infant who can’t sue or fight back it’s easy to deny their human right to bodily integrity. Is that legal? Probably not. Definitely immoral and unethical, certainly ignorant.

Then, under “After Your Circumcision” we see:

The numbing cream works very well for the procedure and happily provides several hours of post-operative benefit. By this time the nerve endings are dead and the boys often experience little discomfort . Sometimes there can be some stinging from the urine on the glans or head of the penis. The glans can be a little raw for a couple of days in those boys where it is necessary to separate it for the circumcision. The post-operative ointment, Kenacomb is usually protective. Occasionally it is necessary to apply some numbing cream to the glans.

It is important to see your boy around 3 weeks after his circumcision. It is often necessary to separate some shaft skin from the head of the penis and discuss follow up with you. If this is not done skin can adhere to the glans and smegma can accumulate under this adherent skin. Smegma is a creamy liquid that is a mix of old mucus and dead skin cells. Smegma will always accumulate under the foreskin of the uncircumcised. It is one of the desirable benefits of circumcision that it will be easier to clean and not accumulate.

To those who think this surgery minor, the doctor admits it results in “dead” nerve endings, nice thing to do to a healthy infant.

Again, surgery instead of soap and water? What about labiaplasty or FGM to also keep things clean? Maybe remove babies’ breastbuds to prevent breast cancer, or eyelids to stop eye-crud? Ridiculous, right?

Since Dr. Read has incomplete information about circumcision, you can learn more from the video and research listings at neonatalcutting.org.

Dr. Read’s practice information follows:

Gold Coast Circumcisions and Vasectomy Venue
2nd Floor, 95 Nerang Street
Southport Queensland 4215
(50m from the Light Rail Station)
Free Undercover Parking

Phone: 1300 4 A CIRC
Phone: 07 5531 1170 for appointments
Fax: 07 5531 3697

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