FaceBook removes AVFM’s page

The A Voice for Men FaceBook page was unpublished by FaceBook today. No reason was given other than a generic inference that we were in violation of their community standards. I find no reason to believe that this means anything but the fact that we were in violation of their feminist based rules for speech.

This is a shame for the great team of people who worked hard producing material on a regular basis and for the 33,000 fans who had seen fit to like the page.

Their appeals process seems to be a sham as well. There is a single button to click for an appeal. They afford you no opportunity to ask questions or to get clarification on how a page is actually in violation of Facebook standards (which I am certain we were not in actuality).

So, in the short version, this appears to be the work of censorious feminist ideologues working in a modern Facebook environment that favors their agenda.


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