Cathleen London, doctor, Senate candidate, and “Known Genital Mutilator”


Doctor runs for Senate, doctor defends genital mutilation, shitstorm ensues. Said candidate deletes tweets, shitstorm grows. Eventually, her ignorance defeats her.

Called out on her support of routine genital mutilation of healthy baby boys, she attempted damage control and came out reeking of ignorance and malice.

She has since dropped out of the Senate race.

Lesson to be learned: defending or practicing MGM is not what to do when running for office, practicing medicine, or being a decent parent and human being.

Have we hit the tipping point over male genital mutilation? Is it no longer cool to advocate for routine infant MGM?

Dr. Cathleen London of Door To Door Doctors has been placed on the “Known Genital Mutilators” directory at

She currently owns and operates a medical practice in Milbridge, Maine where she treats over 1,000 patients.

She has freely admitted to cutting infants and is currently a staunch supporter of routine neonatal cutting of healthy baby boys. She also started a campaign to run for U.S. Senator in the state of Maine that she recently abandoned.

Frankly, she doesn’t deserve to be dog-catcher.

It all started when London tweeted about this article in The New York Times, “The Special Misogyny Reserved for Mothers” by a feminist pod-caster that elicited many comments from feminists, intactivists, humanitarians, and ignoramuses. I had heard pod-caster Hillary Frank interviewed on NPR and within a few minutes realized she was a typical feminist who played the victim as a mother and a woman. The article had her whining about supposed misogyny to suppress her podcast and an incident by a boorish, drunken man. Here’s the Tweet Dr. London sent that started it all:

The Special Misogyny Reserved for Mothers Male sexual dysfunction not taboo but women’s is? & women’s from GIVING BIRTH? What kind of society are we? As a physician and mother these are crucial topics I address in the office regularly. Nothing taboo. #sex

— Cathleen London MD (@DrChaya) December 31, 2018

Apparently Dr. London didn’t like the resulting Tweets that brought up circumcision and other differing viewpoints, and sent this mocking Tweet, igniting a firestorm of opposition:

So much fun to find out that if I tweet about #WOMEN‘s #sexual health after #childbirth and the #misogyny surrounding it that it will turn into a thread about MEN and all the anti circumcision trolls will attack. Wonder if @nytopinion knew their story would do that?

— Cathleen London MD (@DrChaya) January 3, 2019

“Cat” – or should I say ‘Miss Intact Genitals who deems it OK to amputate others’ private parts without consent’ – tells us to get off her women’s rights threads on Twitter, so here we are – let’s accommodate her and ‘take it outside.’

I’ll first discuss her Twitter meltdown and flame-out, then include her interactions with “American Circumcision” director Brendon Marotta and his thoughts about her, and then I’ll finish up with some of the twisted thinking that brought us modern day circumcision.

Here’s a few Twitter threads that I’ve archived, and since deleted by the doctor. along with all of her accounts. Since she’s flamed out and revealed who she is and the madness of the pro-circumcision position, enjoy these juicy and satisfying back-and-forths.

Here she claims men took over her thread by male-privileged mansplaining intactivists, female genitals are not “protected” by law, and male circumcision reduces risk of infection from AIDS by about 70%. And again, FGM – bad, MGM – good:

Cathleen London MD‏

How to spot #Mansplaining: they take over a thread about women’s sexual dysfunction to make it about them. Then when you push back they say you are “triggered” – triggered is another word used for strong woman arguing. Throw all sorts of documentaries your way & ignore data

Cathleen London MD‏

Dear men:
A woman who fights back is not “triggered”
A woman who stands her ground is not “triggered”
A woman who resents that the topic is always changed to center around men is not “triggered”

Stop #Mansplaining

We know #gaslighting when we see it.

Joeline Kelly

You can oppose both but you need to understand how radically different they. On a spectrum of “bad”, FGM is literal oppression and falls on a separate part of the spectrum and men trying to undermine the gravity of that by arguing that male circumcision is the same is ridiculous.

Jordan Hirsch

So it turned into a real shit show. I’m sorry, this platform is so sick sometimes.

Cathleen London MD‏

Men are so fragile that tweeting this: The Special Misogyny Reserved for Mothers to start a discussion about women’s sexual dysfunction needs to be taken over by male privilege and #Mansplaining and ‘intactivists’. My mind is blown.

Cathleen London MD

Female genitals are not “protected” by law.

Cathleen London MD‏

Yeah I will keep praying and advocating for women’s autonomy over their reproductive organs which are under attack daily. That was the thread I started. But MEN took over with #MalePrivilege to make it about them. Then continued #Mansplaining

Odin Gaye

It must be interesting to be an educated person who’s genitals are protected by law. You could use that position of privilege to advocate for those less fortunate in spite of your own mistakes but you’ve gone another way. I hope you pray on that.

Cathleen London MD

Male circumcision reduces risk of infection from AIDS by about 70%, which is particularly important in countries like Lesotho and Swaziland where AIDS prevalance is about 20-25%. We’re not sure why yet, although we’ve ruled out a lot of confounding factors.

Cathleen London MD

I’m just surprised it took three replies for them to get to “but my orgasms aren’t as great as I imagine they could be, and that is definitely as important as women suffering and dying!”

Cathleen London MD

One has demonstrable medical benefits. One is used to control female sexuality. I wouldn’t consider those the same.

In this thread she defends circumcision by citing religious freedom and calls intactivists and humanitarians anti-semetic. She defends MGM yet condemns FGM, saying “it looks better.” Claims there have been no deaths from MGM, and that parental consent is equal to informed consent, saying it’s a “personal decision.”

John Preston‏

Viagra is for symptoms. Do you endorse male genital mutilation as a practice? If not, please speak out against it. It is utterly barbaric and has no place in modern society, as we have already figured out about FGM. The effects are tremendously negative and damaging

Cathleen London MD

‏I am Jewish. My sons were circumcised. I have also seen boys who were NOT circumcised get infections requiring circumcision later (when it is painful). Circumcision lowers the rate of HIV and other STD transmission. It is not without benefits.

Cathleen London MD

That you would put FGM and circumcision in the same breath is astounding. FGM removes the clitoris. Circumcision does not remove the penis. Get over it.

Cathleen London MD

thanks for proving the point of the original thread about WOMEN and MISOGYNY – it is alive and well – bye

John Preston

If you engage the studies claiming such re: STD prevention, you will find the rates of reduction so negligible as render the practice moot. The requirement of washing the penis does not justify violently removing the most sensitive part without consent.


How many circumcision victims have been maimed or died as a result of this cruel archaic unnecessary brutality?

Cathleen London MD

I do not know of ANY deaths. Personally I think they look better, maiming is in the eye of the beholder. Having seen my share balanitis, phimosis and other issues my opinion is clearly different from yours. But I am done with taking the thread on WOMEN and MISOGYNY to this


Why are you a doctor when you can’t abide by the Hippocratic oath? You are assaulting an individual that can’t give consent? Why can’t you wait until they are of an age where they can consent to a part of their body being cut off? Bodily autonomy is paramount!

Cathleen London MD‏

2204 articles in support of circ – in in the neonatal period rather than later – parents consent for children ALL THE TIME …


PARENTS give consent is not THE INDIVIDUAL giving consent to HAVE A PIECE OF THEM BEING CUT OFF. And you know there is no reliable reason to carry out this procedure proactively, other than to make money that is

Anna Patrycja‏

Well if you are a doctor you need to do more reaserch. Almost all doctors from developed countries are agains Circumcision.
@drchaya please watch this video. he is a doctor too. …
you can find the whole video by searching his name.

Cathleen London MD

no thanks. Again as a JEW I chose to circumcise my sons. I have no interest in watching Anti-semitic propaganda. But thanks for the offer.

Drunk Academic

So your opinion is based on religious dogma but not scientific evidence … got it

Cathleen London MD

nope it is both. just not willing to engage in discussion with close minded folks when my PERSONAL decision was religiously based. thanks bye

Critical Thoughts

Is it my “personal decision” if I choose to have my daughter’s clitoral hood removed?

Muireannín Ní hÍomhair

You choose? But the child cannot choose to be mutilated ? You are a barbarian. But as you are a follower of religion, this makes sense. Ignorant and barbaric.

Craig Adams

I am in favor of protecting children’s human rights to bodily integrity, and hence genital integrity. Genital alterations are for informed consenting adults. My children are happily intact. First, do no harm.

Cathleen London MD

Again, as a Jew I made a different choice for my sons.

Daniel Damineli

Sure, but then just be honest. Don’t cherry pick science as an excuse to support your cultural beliefs.

Medically sanctioned feminist tells men who have been genitally mutilated to ‘get over it’.
Tell me why 90% of women refuse to identify as ‘feminist’…

Cathleen London MD‏
and you pulled that stat out of your ass I take it?

Unlike you, no. Do you want one survey, or links to dozens?

Cate Delia
I want dozens of links. Thanks for the offer.

And you are…?
I find googling “feminism popularity survey” (a neutral term) supplies as many as i want.

Cate Delia‏
I’m following this riveting thread. I await at least 24 links to surveys showing at least 90% of women refuse to identify as feminists. Thanks.

Cathleen London MD‏
dozens was plural – 24 or really I would say at least 36

David Lane
Actually, there are several types of each procedure with varying degrees of relative severity. There’s this group called the World Health Organization where you can get info like this for free.

David Lane‏
It’s really unprofessional for a doctor to spout off about a medical issue when she is not at all familiar with the subject.

John Preston
Get over it? Really? Is that what you tell all victims of violent, nonconsensual baby-rape? Did you know that circumcision removes more tissue than the most common forms of FGM? And that the foreskin has at least 19 extremely important functions?

Not all FGM ‘removes the clitoris’. For an MD you’re remarkably ignorant on the subject. In any case I think you meant external clitoris as the vast majority of the clitoris is internal and can’t be ‘removed’. Heard of the ritual nick?
Way less harmful than circ.
Equally wrong!

The most common form of #fgm is less damaging than the most common form of #circumcision (male #genitalmutilation).

You should really learn more about the penis.

J Asdust‏
While not all forms of FGM are as extreme as clitoral removal*, one of the main arguments for it is religious doctrine of some muslim sects. IE, ‘I FGM’d my daughter because allah said so’ is akin to ‘I circumcised my son because yahweh said so’.

J Asdust‏
That’s not to say either is right, but as they are issues of ritual genital multilation of the young for religious or not reasons, it may well be a package deal.

It makes you uncomfortable, but they’re parallel issues. In order to truly end FGM you may have to stand against MGM.

As an MD do you have a duty of care or some kther set of ethical guidelines you are required to follow to maintain your resgistration.

In the UK you’d be putting the profession in to disrepute talking to someone like that & the GMC would take action that could see you lose 1/2

your right to practice medicine. Just wondering if there was anything like that in the US & what is the governing body.

More claims of anti-semitism:

yeah , and then you cut off healthy parts of their penis without consent. That’s the problematic part.

Cathleen London MD

I will not entertain anti-semitic hyperbole. I am Jewish just stop.


Most circs in the us are done on gentiles- stop with your bigotry


Neither does being jewish make you immune against criticism, nor does it give you the right to mutilate someone elses body.

If there’s anything anti-semitic, then its a jewish mother mutilating their own son’s genitals.

We are the ones who care for the wellbeing of jewish boys.


Why are you determined to get the world to hate us by being a proponent of an objectively barbaric act like Circumcision?

Why breed hate by promoting harm done to children?

What possesses you to do this?

Here she admits she’s cut infants’ genitals and denies any pain:

#Circumcision is extremely painful. Are you seriously an #MD? Or are you still relying on pre-1990s medical literature from when #doctors believed that infants could not feel pain?

Cathleen London MD
when I did them I did a block

A block does not remove all pain. Full anesthesia for an older child would remove all pain during the #circumcision.

For an infant, an older child, or a man, there is still pain during recovery. An infant cannot self-help, or ask for help as an older child or man can.

Anyone who cuts a child’s genitals is a psychopath. @Drchaya you are just GROSS.

London then argues online with intactivists about something she doesn’t get and is completely wrong and ignorant about while making fun of men with psychological problems and physical problems caused by circumcision. She says they have “mommy and daddy issues” and cites the “fragile male ego.” Misandry 101:

Cathleen London MD‏

On behalf of all women I apologize to all men who feel “psychologically damaged” from their circumcision. Go get help. #i2 #Mansplaining #FragileMaleEgo

Cathleen London MD

I am sure there is a psychotherapist that can help them through their mommy and daddy issues


This is a horrifying take. Here feminists talk about “toxic masculinity” & part of that is men/society telling boys/men to “suck it up” “be a man” & bottle their feelings. Now men are talking about a real thing that happened to them & their feelings & a doctor is MOCKING them?!

Cathleen London MD

excuse me? where do you get that? psychological damage comes straight from one of the documents they put on MY TL on a thread about women’s sexual dysfunction post partum


They were PHYSICALLY damaged. They had THIS cut off their genitals. (You probably weren’t taught this anatomy in med school, just how to cut it off.)
They don’t want your apology. They want the cutting to stop.

Mike Four

How can a person who is supposedly pro gender equality mock somebody’s psychological problems based on their gender? If this is the level of regard you have for mental health, you’re in the wrong profession

Lorelai Is Alive‏

You do NOT speak for all women, you misandrist hypocrite. Until ALL child genital mutilation is acknowledged for the human atrocity it IS, ALL children remain at risk.

Danielle Perri

How dare you tell men they aren’t entitled to their legitimate feelings! A decision was made for them that altered them for life. Many men are mad, even suing over this. Many women and men choose to let their sons skip this! I’m a proud parent of an intact son. #hisbodyhischoice

Kelly Anderson‏

Imagine being a doctor claiming to believe in equality whilst being for the genital mutilation of boys.
Where do you practice Cathleen?


That sounds a lot like victim blaming to me.


Certainly not on behalf of me. Circumcision is genital mutilation. Your just as much of a pig as a man who dismisses #fgm as females whining

You’re a monster

Here she asserts that the circumcision consent form signed by the parents is ethical and adequate. She ignores and is indifferent to babies screams of agony and ignorant about forced retraction complications, unaware that it causes the problems she thinks the intact foreskin causes

My question, then, would be if, for caregivers of intact children, you advise against forced retraction? Or, more acutely, if you recognize forced retraction as a contributor to conditions affecting the mobility of the foreskin.

Cathleen London MD‏
no I do not. I am very aware how to care for intact foreskins. I do not advocate for nor against. When I did circs the consent form was explicit not medically necessary – that does not mean there are no medical benefits – you understand the difference.

Though I understand the difference, I dispute the validity of those proposed benefits (aside from the obvious reduction in cancer via reduction of tissue), and assert that any proposed benefit is not urgent enough to supersede an individual’s autonomy and consent.

To address my original point, though, is in regards to conditions “requiring” circumcision in later life, as to whether you consul caregivers to avoid forced retraction as a means to prevent such layer conditions. Ambivalence toward the procedure need not preclude sound direction

Cathleen London MD
asked and answered

If I read you correctly, you do not approach the subject of forced retraction at all?

Cathleen London MD‏
you read wrong. I tell them NOT to forcibly retract. As I said I am fully aware of how to care for intact foreskins


But to be clear – there are NO medical benefits – that has been established over and over again. Most of the intactivist movement I’ve encountered do not challenge the right to religious circumcision – what we are trying to do is change the culture of routine circumcision

We don’t challenge the right to religious genital cutting for consenting adults. All healthy children need to be protected from non-therapeutic genital cutting, regardless of their parents’ beliefs. If you accept that for girls, boys deserve no less.

Kyle Chen
The American Medical Association considers circumcision non-therapeutic:

Kyle Chen
Proper pediatric care advises against forced retraction of boys as this causes problems that “require” circumcision. I hope you know this.

Apparently not happy with the shitstorm she created, “Cat” has deleted all her Twitter accounts. She probably realized a serious Senate candidate’s social media posts would be examined to find out what she really thinks . Fortunately we’ve archived some of them for all the world to see, and her ignorance and arrogance are apparent in these Twitter exchanges, especially her defense of routine male genital mutilation. Her deleted accounts were: @McfaddenChaya @DrChaya @DrCat4ME

She’s not just an ignorant parent who had her son circumcised without informed consent about the risks of this needless surgery who regretted it later, she’s a doctor who has personally cut infants, heard their screams, seen their blood, and witnessed their maiming yet continues to support this barbaric practice.

Here she’s accused of improper behavior with patients, scolding them for what she deems the wrong politics. And here is more bad behavior from 2011.

Here are some ratings of her as a doctor, read them and take them with a grain of salt, but you know what they say, where there’s smoke there’s fire.

Dr. London has suspended her campaign for the US Senate and I believe her support for MGM was her undoing, as was an interview with Brendon Marotta, director of “American Circumcision” in her attempt at damage control. The interview is not available as yet, but  watch this space for further updates.

Marotta’s recent run-in with the doctor and an attempted interview shows her true colors as a person, a doctor, and a Senate candidate. This from his blog “Why Did Circumcision Proponent Dr. Cathleen London End Her US Senate Campaign?:”

When I’ve talked to friends about the Dr. Cathleen London saga, they think I’m joking till I show them the abusive email and texts this woman sent me. This would be a funny meltdown story if Dr. London hadn’t been seeking real political power. She had power over her children as a mother, power over her patients as a doctor, and was seeking power over all of us through the US Senate. Prior to my interview with her, Dr. Cathleen London received a glowing profile in the New York Times, and was the kind of person the media would have turned to as an expert on circumcision, medicine, and politics.

So why did Dr. Cathleen London end her campaign? So far, she has not given a public reason, and I wouldn’t trust a narcissist to give an honest one anyway, which means everything that follows is speculation.

Was it just because of my reporting? Probably not. I believe. Dr. Cathleen London’s attitude ended Dr. Cathleen London’s campaign. Her attitude made her flame out and attack human rights activists, attack me, get into a physical altercation in the Trader Joe’s frozen food section, and get in trouble with the Maine Board of Medicine. I wouldn’t be surprised if this emotionally reactive attitude also caused other internal problems within the campaign we are not aware of.

This began when Dr. London tweeted an article on how society is reluctant to talk honestly about women’s sexual issues. Intactivists replied in the comments that this was a universal problem, since we don’t talk openly about men’s sexual issues as well. Dr. London responded by melting down, and her feed became a constant attack on Intactivists.

I became aware of her when someone linked my film in the comments. She replied that I was anti-semitic, and refused to watch my film or read anything shared with her. This is a serious and entirely false accusation. It was also an unprompted personal attack, since I had not engaged with her. I became curious and wanted to know why she was attacking me.

I wrote to Dr. Cathleen London, and asked to interview her about the response she was getting from the Intactivist community. She agreed, and called me.

The interview I had with Dr. Cathleen London was one of the most bizarre I’ve ever recorded. Dr. London repeatedly got basic facts about the issue wrong.

At the end of the interview, I asked if I could call or email if I had any follow-up questions. She was very friendly and said yes. We ended the conversation on good terms.

I wasn’t sure I was going to write anything about this, till two weeks later when Dr. Cathleen London deleted all her social media, both personal and her campaign. When I texted her to find out why, and Dr. London said it was because “Maine board of medicine is out of controlling” after someone made a complaint to them about her.

I was going to call and find out more, but the next day she texted me “you are one of the trolls aren’t you? You did the film.” Then she told me to “find a short pier and walk off.”


I wrote up an op-ed and submitted it a few places. Then I tweeted that I was looking for a place for the story. A few hours later, a reader told me Dr. Cathleen London had ended her campaign.

Because of the timing I was curious: did Dr. London end her campaign because she knew my interview was coming?

It was unlikely the op-ed would be published at this point, since the gist of the piece was “this woman should not be running for office” and now she wasn’t running. I tweeted out a bit about the interview and asked my followers what they thought.

Then a couple days later on Jan 21, 2019, I got this email:

Dr Cat London for US Senate

you and your nutjob intactivist friends have nothing to do with my dropping out of the Senate race

You give yourself way too much credit.

Get a life
Get over your mommy and daddy issues

Life is way more than your penis

I replied:

So why did you drop out?

And got this message back:

you are press I am not giving interviews

So Dr. Cathleen London acknowledges me as press… and this is the way she talks to press?

While I can now say that a former US Senate candidate has commented on my penis, flip the scenario to see how inappropriate this is. Imagine if a male politician told a female reporter covering women’s issues “life is about more then your vagina.” What would the reaction be?

I have no idea if London and other pro-circ doctors like her really believe that circumcision is good for boys like a vaccination, or if they think it OK as a religious rite as well as improved hygiene and a cosmetic improvement that’s no big deal. Either way I don’t care – she is simply wrong.

A vaccination has proven scientific medical results in preventing certain diseases that doesn’t remove healthy and important tissue or organs from unconsenting patients. “Cat,” why don’t you remove baby girls’ breast buds to prevent future breast cancer, a real, documented disease that kills many women, far worse than very rare penile cancer (or UTIs, or bogus HIV prevention) that you say is worth preventing. And why don’t you think it OK to perform FGM on religious grounds as you do with MGM?

You may not know that modern day MGM was designed to decrease sexual pleasure and masturbation in boys and men, just like FGM. Modern science and human rights demand an end to all routine infant genital mutilation, male or female. Circumcision was thought to increase fertility in ancient times, then Jews and Arabs embraced it for religious (read: superstitious) reasons, then Maimomides in the 13th century and John Harvey Kellogg promoted it to decrease male sexual pleasure and activity.

Here’s Kellogg’s – yes that Kellogg – maniacal promotion of modern genital mutilation. This is enough to curl even Cat London’s hair. From Wikipedia:

“Masturbation prevention

As a leader of the anti-masturbation movement, Kellogg promoted extreme measures to prevent masturbation. His methods for the “rehabilitation” of masturbators included measures up to the point of mutilation without anesthetic, on both sexes. He was an advocate of circumcising young boys to curb masturbation and applying carbolic acid to a young woman’s clitoris. In his Plain Facts for Old and Young,[36] he wrote:

A remedy which is almost always successful in small boys is circumcision, especially when there is any degree of phimosis. The operation should be performed by a surgeon without administering an anesthetic, as the brief pain attending the operation will have a salutary effect upon the mind, especially if it be connected with the idea of punishment, as it may well be in some cases. The soreness which continues for several weeks interrupts the practice, and if it had not previously become too firmly fixed, it may be forgotten and not resumed.[50]


a method of treatment [to prevent masturbation] … and we have employed it with entire satisfaction. It consists in the application of one or more silver sutures in such a way as to prevent erection. The prepuce, or foreskin, is drawn forward over the glans, and the needle to which the wire is attached is passed through from one side to the other. After drawing the wire through, the ends are twisted together, and cut off close. It is now impossible for an erection to occur, and the slight irritation thus produced acts as a most powerful means of overcoming the disposition to resort to the practice


In females, the author has found the application of pure carbolic acid (phenol) to the clitoris an excellent means of allaying the abnormal excitement.

He also recommended, to prevent children from this “solitary vice”, bandaging or tying their hands, covering their genitals with patented cages and electrical shock.[36]

In his Ladies’ Guide in Health and Disease, for nymphomania, he recommended

Cool sitz baths; the cool enema; a spare diet; the application of blisters and other irritants to the sensitive parts of the sexual organs, the removal of the clitoris and nymphae…”

From IntactWiki, here’s Rabbi Maimonides’ equally ruthless prescription for purity:

As regards circumcision, I think that one of its objects is to limit sexual intercourse, and to weaken the organ of generation as far as possible, and thus cause man to be moderate. Some people believe that circumcision is to remove a defect in man’s formation; but every one can easily reply: How can products of nature be deficient so as to require external completion, especially as the use of the fore-skin to that organ is evident. This commandment has not been enjoined as a complement to a deficient physical creation, but as a means for perfecting man’s moral shortcomings. The bodily injury caused to that organ is exactly that which is desired; it does not interrupt any vital function, nor does it destroy the power of generation. Circumcision simply counteracts excessive lust; for there is no doubt that circumcision weakens the power of sexual excitement, and sometimes lessens the natural enjoyment: the organ necessarily becomes weak when it loses blood and is deprived of its covering from the beginning. Our Sages (Beresh. Rabba, c. 80) say distinctly: It is hard for a woman, with whom an uncircumcised had sexual intercourse, to separate from him. This is, as I believe, the best reason for the commandment concerning circumcision.


This law can only be kept and perpetuated in its perfection, if circumcision is performed when the child is very young, and this for three good reasons. First, if the operation were postponed till the boy had grown up, he would perhaps not submit to it. Secondly, the young child has not much pain, because the skin is tender, and the imagination weak; for grown-up persons are in dread and fear of things which they imagine as coming, some time before these actually occur. Thirdly, when a child is very young, the parents do not think much of him; because the image of the child, that leads the parents to love him, has not yet taken a firm root in their minds. That image becomes stronger by the continual sight; it grows with the development of the child, and later on the image begins again to decrease and to vanish. The parents’ love for a new-born child is not so great as it is when the child is one year old; and when one year old, it is less loved by them than when six years old. The feeling and love of the father for the child would have led him to neglect the law if he were allowed to wait two or three years, whilst shortly after birth the image is very weak in the mind of the parent, especially of the father who is responsible for the execution of this commandment. The circumcision must take place on the eighth day (Lev. xii. 3), because all living beings are after birth, within the first seven days, very weak and exceedingly tender, as if they were still in the womb of their mother; not until the eighth day can they be counted among those that enjoy the light of the world. That this is also the case with beasts may be inferred from the words of Scripture: “Seven days shall it be under the dam” (Lev. xxii. 27), as if it had no vitality before the end of that period. In the same manner man is circumcised after the completion of seven days. The period has been fixed, and has not been left to everybody’s judgment.

Here’s Dr. London’s practice information from her website “About Us:”

Door To Door Doctors’ mission is to provide personalized, high-quality care on an as-needed or preventative basis. We have created a practice that we believe in and choose for our own family members. We are committed to Downeast Maine and are here to stay. Dr London came to Washington County to help the underserved and she truly meant it when she said she was staying. She is dedicated to building a practice of physicians who share her vision.

We are a full-service Family Medicine practice of dedicated, experienced physicians who believe in working with our patients to maintain and improve their health. We work together to serve your entire family for all of your medical needs in all stages of life. Our physicians believe in providing comprehensive health care services to our patients in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere. We also believe in educating our patients as we work with them to achieve the best physical state possible.

​Cathleen London, MD is certified by the American Board of Family Medicine and comes to Door to Door Doctors with years of experience in this area of specialty.

Dr London received her medical degree from Yale University and did her residency in Family Medicine at Oregon Health Sciences University. She received her undergraduate degree from Brown University and completed her pre-medical requirements at Stanford University.

Prior to moving to Maine she was an Assistant Professor at Weill Cornell School of Medicine in New York City for 5 years and before that had her own practice in Brookline, MA and was a Clinical Instructor for both Boston University and Tufts University schools of medicine.

In addition to practice she has appeared on Fox News, MSNBC, HLN, NBC, local Fox, ABC as a medical contributor on numerous occasions. She is currently the Women’s Delegate from Maine to the American Academy of Family Physicians. She is also on the Legislative Commission and Public Health Commission of the Maine Medical Association. She recently was Physician of the Day at the State House where she also gave testimony on the Opioid Bill currently being discussed. In New York she served on the board of directors for the New York Academy of Family Physicians and served on their legislative commission and was their women’s delegate to the AAFP. In Massachusetts she was a delegate in the Massachusetts Medical Society serving on their legislative committee and was the key contact from the AAFP to Senator Kennedy.

Her research area is nutritional supplements and she consults to the industry in an on going basis.

Dr London has 2 sons and 4 rescue dogs. She runs, bikes and swims in her free time

Since Dr. London provides no information about the harm and risks of circumcision, you can read and watch related videos about that at

Dr. London’s practice information follows:

Door To Door Doctors

40 Main Street

Milbridge ME 04658


Bonus videos:

“Constitutional rights of a one-day-old baby boy” is about a lawsuit based on equal protection of boys when anti-FGM laws were passed, as well as a reminder of the almost certainty that MGM is illegal and a human rights violation. A must watch.

“Jewish grandmother discusses circumcision” shows how intactivists can broach the subject with unaware people and how to do it calmly and unemotionally.

Foreskin and circumcision: the truth: learn all you need to know in this short video.

Bonus podcast with Brendon Marotta: “Have you been lied to about circumcision?”

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