Baby mutilators want to expand, but stealthily

stop the chopTreating baby boys no better than animals to be “fixed,” circumcisers such as those at the Circumcision Centre have had to increasingly fend off criticism of their practice by some who consider Male Genital Mutilation (MGM) and FGM to be human rights violations. Mike Buchanan of Justice for Men and Boys have recently been notified by the Circumcision Centre that it didn’t appreciate that he and AVFM called them genital mutilators and printed their pictures in their listing of “Known Genital Mutilators” at On a recent appearance, Mike made on a radio program, the BBC – with prodding by the clinic – warned him not to mention the clinic by name. Read Mike’s account of the whole saga here.

From their website they boast they are “the UK’s largest private male circumcision clinic” and hope to expand their ‘services’ to other cities. Private circumcisions are all that’s available as the British government refuses to pay for and condone infant genital mutilation, to their credit. But they still refuse to protect baby boys as they do baby girls, so it’s up to intactivists and the public to get the word out and stop this bloody madness right here in Luton.

Thornhill complained that my interpretation of extracts of their website are “misleading and factually incorrect.” As Mike has said, Thornhill should provide details as to which “interpretation” they refer. Maybe they didn’t like me calling them  a “cutting mill” which I admit is blunt, but accurate. Since a private room is extra, I picture a room with several baby boys strapped down and mutilated assembly-line style while strangers stand around and watch.

They also didn’t like us using their pictures without consent. Somehow that sounds familiar. . . imagine that being a body part.

Thornhill is of the opinion that putting them on the “Known Genital Mutilators” directory is defamation of character. There’s nothing “misleading” here. Circumcision is a genital mutilation, and people that do it are genital mutilators – and practitioners of this on infants are the worst kind. Any “defamation of character” stems from their unethical actions – we just report it.

They conclude by asking Mike to remove their names and photos from his website to which he refuses, and in his reply gives them notice of his plan to protest outside the clinic as he has done recently in Parliament Square. As Mike has no direct connection with, he has no control over what is published there, and as of now Mike is the only one that has been contacted by any Thornhill associate.

On March 22, Justice for Men and Boys and Men Do Complain plan to protest in front of the Thornhill’s Circumcision Centre to inform the public, the government, and the medical establishment about the horrors being done to infant boys. At the protest, perhaps the Thornhill circumcisers can come out and explain how what they do isn’t harmful and unethical, especially in light of recent findings by the AAP that procedures such as circumcision should not be done on infants.

Stay tuned here and at for info about upcoming protests and Thornhill’s attempts to defend and expand their backwards and barbaric practices using blood money from thousands of mutilations. And there’s nothing “misleading or factually incorrect” about that.

Update: local media in Luton has picked up the story on the heels of the protest on March 22:


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