Angry Harry passes away

Online activism legend Angry Harry has passed away at the age of 64. According to family sources, he passed away suddenly and unexpectedly on February 24, 2016. He died of natural causes.

Harry was the undisputed father of using the internet to further a better reasoned and compassionate view of the issues faced by men and boys, and in challenging the inconsistencies and falsehoods of the feminist narrative.

He founded the website and worked single-handedly, inspiring so many others to find their courage to speak to the same issues.

On a personal note, I had many, many conversations with Harry in the formative years of AVFM. He had a strong and influential hand in shaping the message here. I sought and made use of his counsel on more times than I could remember. He was also a regular financial supporter of our projects, which he did quietly, with no desire to call attention to himself.

Harry had a doctorate in child development and also dedicated his life to improving the education of children.

For all those who feel thankful that there is now a growing men’s movement, even those who never heard of Angry Harry, they have him to thank for possessing the genius and tenacity to get the ball rolling.

Just like so many other people getting this news, I am deeply saddened. Harry was taken from his family – from all of us — far too soon.

I am asking senior editorial staff to withhold publishing for 24 hours after this post is made as a period of respect for this great man.

On behalf of the entire staff and readership of A Voice for Men, I extend our deepest sympathies to Harry’s family. He truly was a voice for men and will be sorely missed.

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