Men’s Rights

On Jury Nullification and Rape

There are people that will react to this with outrage and indignation. “How could you?” they will demand, “How could you let someone walk when the evidence shows you that they have committed something as heinous as rape?!”

And the same people, after reading account after account of innocent men being imprisoned, raped, tortured; destroyed, on lies, will reveal the utter depravity of their indifference by refusing to face what is happening or acknowledge that it even matters.

An Open Letter to Sgt. Art Eld, Orlando Police Department

We will never know, Sergeant Eld, just how many men are languishing in prisons right now because a woman had consensual sex with them and later regretted it, or because, as we saw in the Hofstra case, a woman wanted to cover herself with her boyfriend- and because those types of claims are often treated by police as factual with no evidence. It is, just as the story said, an epidemic problem, and clearly not just with the women making the allegations.