Hunger Strike

Prisoners on hunger strike for humane treatment

Sometimes, even under the most dire of circumstances, men will start to stand up for each other. This is what the system fears most – men actually waking up and remembering that they are men, and that men are valuable. Being crushed by incarceration can bring out the worst in men – and sometimes, maybe the best. Once you hit bottom, the way out is the way up, and even in hell, not all hope is abandoned.

William Evans’ rebellion – 1936

Gonzo Historian, Robert St. Estephe has returned with a story that will seem very familiar to many fathers today. In 1936 William H. W. Evans was jailed for kidnapping his daughter based on accusations by his ex-wife; he went on a hunger strike to protest as he had a written agreement to share custody. The only difference to today? That written agreement actually mattered to the Judge. He was cleared of all kidnapping charges.

MRA hunger strike

What would you be willing to do in order to protest the treatment of men in this society? Would you speak up or march in a rally? Demonstrate? How about starving yourself while defying the entire criminal justice system that has you in its grips?