Contribution and kids

Some men walk through life resigned to what society and the womenfolk expect of them, while thinking little about the meaning of their own life. Clint Carpentier pauses to reflect on his and other men’s often-unrecognized contributions to the world

William Evans’ rebellion – 1936

Gonzo Historian, Robert St. Estephe has returned with a story that will seem very familiar to many fathers today. In 1936 William H. W. Evans was jailed for kidnapping his daughter based on accusations by his ex-wife; he went on a hunger strike to protest as he had a written agreement to share custody. The only difference to today? That written agreement actually mattered to the Judge. He was cleared of all kidnapping charges.

Snow Angels

From our earliest memories of childhood we can remember the challenges we overcome to become the men we are today, sometimes to the confusion and consternation of the women in our lives. If we were lucky, we had strong fathers to guide us on that journey. A Grumpy Old Man reminds us of how this all should work with a heart-warming and foot-freezing tale of boys passing the test.[Illustration by Europa Phoenix]