We talk a lot about red pills, blue pills and even purple pills in these parts. Someone who has red pilled sees the world as it really is, with gynocentrism, male disposability and misandry everywhere you look. That red pill takes a long time to swallow and the process is unpleasant. But you don’t have to be red pilled to see misandry. Not anymore.

In the past I think people could be excused for not seeing the misandry in society. I really do. Yes, it was pretty obvious at times and if you just looked honestly at the way the world worked then it’d be there for all to see but I was still prepared to give them a pass. Not any more. Time’s up. Misandry is now so prevalent that anyone that denies it is being willfully ignorant or walking around with their eyes and minds closed.

Google Trends reveals interesting results concerning this topic. People are looking in to and talking about misandry.

Feminists used to dismiss misandry outright but even they realise that won’t fly anymore. In 2015 well known anti-MRA TakedownMRAs even admitted that misandry is real although he failed to properly understand the meaning of the word. So close.

The full post by TakeDownMRAs, in which he references then presidential candidate Donald Trump, can be found here.

A lot of baseless claims are made about men. Below is a list similar to the one I presented at the March for Men in Melbourne. When seen together a clear pattern of ridicule and shaming of men and masculinity emerges.

  • Mansplaining
  • Manspreading
  • Manterrupting
  • Manslamming
  • Man-child
  • Man-baby
  • Bropriating
  • Man flu
  • Male privilege
  • Fragile male ego
  • Masculinity so fragile
  • Toxic masculinity
  • A curfew for men
  • Dead beat dads
  • Men are genetically inferior
  • Men have a lower pain threshold
  • Men have weaker immune systems
  • Men are linear thinkers
  • Men can’t multitask
  • Men lack the capacity to maintain concentration for long periods
  • Men think about sex every few seconds
  • Men constantly want sex
  • Men won’t ask for directions
  • Men should man up and grow some balls
  • The Patriarchy
  • Special person’s day
  • A woman needs a man like a fish needs bicycle
  • Boys are stupid, throw rocks at them
  • Men are obsolete
  • The End of Men

Of Special note is Hanna Rosin, who wrote an entire book on the last item in that list.

Since 2017 we’ve seen the results of #MeToo with countless men falsely accused, many having their careers or even their lives destroyed without a shred of evidence being offered. Fortunately many men are recognising the risks and are acting in an entirely rational manner by avoiding contact with women in the workplace. Men may be avoiding contact with women outside of work too but there may not be as much research on this.

So I say #TimesOver. Misandry is common and it’s only getting worse. No excuses anymore. Everyone should now be able to recognise it for what it is.

The cover image depicts a placard used at a 2018 Women’s March in Missoula, Montana.

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