Get a heal job

I’ve heard it all my life. “Get a real job.” The statement always delivered as the breath of God. The message being of course that there is a truth and a reality that every human being on earth understands, everyone but you. You are naive, you are foolish, and you simply don’t get it.

The statement is generally, and curiously, delivered by mothers, girlfriends, and wives. The frequency will increase dramatically if you actually make it to the long and lonely road one must walk when seeking a
symbiotic relationship with his innate professional disposition. Or as I tell my boys, when pursuing something you’re good at, and love. If you are hit with get a real job early in youth, the impact of the statement can be a crushing elimination of your desire and intention. Later on, it is designed to create
self doubt, anxiety, and fear.

It is a statement that can and does put an end to a man’s self-discovery, self-awareness, and self-actualization. It may in fact be one of the most destructive and controlling strategies in the Gynocentric model.

Here’s why.

High school may just be the time in our lives where we have developed the cognitive ability and independence to recognize our likes and dislikes, our passions and our talents. It is precisely at this critical juncture in our lives, that we become completely smothered in the thick wet quilt of money and status marketing. In consumerism. Having been blue pill primed from birth via schooling, socialization, blue pill “men” and mothers, we sprint through puberty and into our narcotic desire for females with the only narrative we have ever known. A narrative that is given no thought whatsoever so long as it gets us the girl.

And of course, it does. That is what girls want, a real man with a real job. Exactly, like daddy.

And so it goes. For most of us, we follow the blue boy script to the letter, make a guesstimate at best, at a professional path post schooling and then go balls deep into the debt based financed economy. Twenty years later you may tell yourself, “This is not my beautiful house” and you may tell yourself, “This is not my beautiful wife” and you may ask yourself, “How do I work this?” and you may say to yourself, “My God! What have I done?”

So, want to avoid waking up at 43, trapped with only the choice of staying in the pan or jumping into the fire?

Get a heal job.

What is a heal job you say?

● It is work that you understand, it makes sense to you, you get it.
● It is work that you are good at, even great at.
● It is work you like, it is work you love.
● It is a work in which you lose your sense of time. It is a work in which you forget to eat. Where the day literally goes by in about an hour.
● It is work that suits your personality, capitalizes on your strengths and has clear options for your weaknesses.
● It is work that allows you to have the patience of Job.
● It is work that allows you to psychologically and emotionally weather financial storms, and long periods of difficulty.
● It is work that delivers positive stress, not negative stress.
● It is work that allows you to easily forgive yourself and others for mistakes and failures.
● It is work that gives you self esteem, self respect, and confidence regardless of financial benefit.
● It is work that will allow you to be kind, empathetic, and your very best self.
● It is work that will give you a better understanding of others.
● It is work that shows you who you are, that gives you contentment, even happiness.
● It is work that will give you the awesome power of Know thy Self.

When you truly know yourself, you are content. Life is easier. People and circumstance bother you less and little.

Your work provides an internally driven purpose, for your day and depending on how you envision your work, maybe for your life. You will have an innate drive that simply cannot be manipulated or controlled by women and provide contrast for quick awareness when they attempt to do so.

It will give you an independence from which to engage the world. An independence in which to engage women. It will make your life, yours. Not hers. It is your protection and a constant reminder of who you are, what you want, and how you live.

And critically, it may be the only opportunity for our sons to increase their odds for a healthy relationship with a women and an optimized family life.

Get a heal job. It is as close to a silver bullet as I can imagine for life in this modern Gynocentric world and it will make you, a real man.

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