Spain’s new sex czar

The birthrate in countries that pander to feminism and misandry (man-hating) are, without exception, showing huge declines in their birthrates and net population increases.

Spain, Denmark, Germany, France and the UK are all panicking because their fertility rates are so low, that their indigenous populations will be extinct within a century. In addition, all of those countries have huge social obligations to aging populations, and, those obligations are coming due as there are not enough young people to pay into socialist systems for the care of their elders.

One of the ways that the elite, in Western European countries (and the US) are trying to see if it will improve the declining populations, is to have open borders so that men will come from North African countries (mostly) to have sex with Western European women.

Feminism, in Western European countries, has been unchallenged for over 60 years, and, is now de rigeur in all institutions, especially Europe’s public indoctrination (education) system. Hatred of men, and masculinity, in Western European nations, is open and oppressive to men. It is one of the factors driving the gender suicide gap world-wide (in which men are committing suicide at 4 times the rate of women). It is also the principal reason behind the decline in birth rates, and, the net population decreases.

Spain’s approach has been to appoint a “sex czar” to encourage Spanish men to have sex with Spanish women.

Edelmira Barreira Diz — Spain’s new “sex czar.”


The problem is that Spain hates men, so much, that virtually every aspect of Spain’s institutions, its economy, its politics and its social interaction between men and women is now so toxic for men that only men with nothing to lose can afford to have sex with Spanish women.

Let’s take an example. If a woman who is spiteful in Spain (a large number of women fall in this category) all she has to do is accuse a man of sexual misconduct, or “domestic violence” and he is thrown in prison. No questions asked. If he can prove he is innocent, he might get out. If he can’t, he’s branded a rapist, or a wife-beater, and, the rest of his life is ruined. Whether the accusations against him are true or false, the Government immediately pays the woman for making the accusations (at the rate of 400 euros per month). This scheme is reminiscent of the fascism of Franco’s rule when, in 1944, he enacted laws punishing “contempt for gender” (which were exclusively enforced against men).

Spain has 106 courts set up to punish men (but not women) for domestic violence.

The last time a nation set up a demographic court to punish one particular demographic was in 1930 when the Nazis set up a system of courts to pass judgment on jews.

Spanish men (much like American men) are employing the “deadly rattlesnake strategy” when dealing with Spanish women. If you are surrounded by rattlesnakes, the best strategy is to get away from them. Spanish men, as they are in the US, are simply staying away from Spanish women.

The Spanish government, as in most fascists governments, thinks the best way to force men to have sex with Spanish women is to impose even more government control and regulation on men, and masculinity, to get men to have sex with rattlesnakes. In the meantime, Spain’s net populations growth since the spread of feminism has been, and remains, plummeting.

With the spread of feminism in Western Europe, Spain’s birthrate and net population growth is plummeting. (The grey dotted line shows the number of deaths exceeding the number of births (yellow dotted line).

The Spanish government, notwithstanding its “sex czar” has been, and, remains, clueless.

Next, we will explore the Orwellian attempt in Denmark, in which Denmark (unsuccessfully) promulgated a massive propaganda campaign, on mass media, to try to get Danish men to have sex with Danish women “for mom” and “for the State.” [You can’t make this stuff up.]

From Denmark’s state sponsored “do it for the country” sex propaganda to try to get men to have sex with Danish feminists.

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