Feminism, immigration and war

It should be clear now that Feminism created the political ‘bandwidth’ that fostered mass North African Immigration into mainland Europe. No one will easily be able to shake themselves free from the sight of groups of the politically correct along with assorted feminists and SJWs standing waving placards screaming “WELCOME”, only to be sexually assaulted by the same people just a few short weeks later. It is a defining image of our time. People are rightfully outraged. But who are they outraged at?

For one thing, there seems to be very little mainstream press backlash against the feminist movement, which is now teetering on extinction in the mass mind (but not on the government ledger, heaven forbid!). Feminists, being the upstanding, take responsibility, own your shit (thank you Karen) type of people, have stood up and admitted they were wrong… right? Ummmm, no. Not right. Like a 13-year-old in a huff, they have disappeared into the bathroom, and won’t come out, until everyone promises them that they won’t be mean to them and that they are still the special little angel they’ve always been. They’ve hurt their own feelings by fucking up on the immigration issue… and that, of course, has to be someone else’s fault. They’re stewing… desperately trying to figure out how men, and specifically, white heterosexual men, are to blame for their fuck up.

That could be a long wait. Make no mistake, feminism got stomped in Cologne. Stomped by its own juvenile naivete. Cologne could even turn out to be fatal for feminism. But what everyone seems to be missing, is that while feminism has done what it does best and messed things up, it has also done exactly what it was supposed to do at this point and time.

First, feminism has been at the forefront of helping corporates to lower wages in the western world, through its support of mass, cheap labor importation. And with that task done, its unrestrained imbecility has now been used to perform a stunning volte face and help stir the public against that self-same multicultural world. Only in feminism, eh? But, that’s why it’s such a perfect, all-purpose tool. Exactly because it’s such an ephemeral phenomenon…laced with terms like “equality” and “empowerment”, it does not matter how many self-contradictory gyrations it turns itself in… women especially will follow its whimsy as directed. Feminism is a fantastic political vehicle precisely because it defies all laws of nature, spinning one way and then another, and all the while claiming coherence.

It may be worth noting that during these recent years mass immigration, the one that is threatening civil war in Europe, women have held several positions of high authority in matters concerning immigration. So when the standard feminist diatribe screams out, “Name one war! ONE WAR! That a woman has started,” you can safely reply, ‘the current war that we are in;’ the burgeoning European civil war… and the name of the person who started it is Merkel. It might also be noticed that our present era of mass immigration has seen the top State Department (people who issue passports, and set immigration policy, ya know) job held by a woman (Clinton), and the similar role in the UK also held by a woman (Theresa May, Home Office). (please note: the UK foreign office doesn’t handle immigration, it’s the home office.) If this is the “patriarchy” making all these important decisions on mass immigration… it has sure got a lot of women in it.

Feminism and its twisted sibling political correctness have exhibited a wild and open naivete. That was both the driving force behind the Cologne attacks, and also, the critical component now rousing the mass mind in virile hatred against the entire Arab/Islamic world. Nobody in the west is going to parse the Arab world with any seriousness. Nobody is going to bother to discriminate a Syrian for a North African. The press tells us, regularly, that it is Syrian immigrants rampaging. People on the ground know it’s largely North Africans. But that crude fluidity should serve us well in the near future. WW III is about to kick off in the Middle East. Hezbollah is established well established in Syria, and now Saudi Arabia, reeling from 30 dollars a barrel oil, has plans to send 150,000 troops. Riyadh, truly, needs a war. So, the geopolitical road for that war is being paved, and feminism and Cologne are just doing their part. People are raging against Islam. They are seething with contempt for the entire Muslim world. They are ready for blood. Maybe, just maybe, they are ready for war. Perhaps that was the plan all along.


Article originally published on itsthepatriarchy.wordpress.com, Feminism Immigration and War, February 10, 2016

It should be clear now that Feminism created the political ‘bandwidth’ that fostered mass North African Immigration into mainland Europe. No one will easily be able to shake themselves …


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