Female Spits Ice at Punk Rocker; Gets Punched

The headline at Feministing reads “Punk band Screeching Weasel breaks up after frontman punches two women at SXSW”.  A fight broke out after an audience member (who happened to be female) reportedly spit ice at the band’s frontman Ben Weasel while he was on stage because of his misogynist stage rantings.  Mike Conklin at The L Magazine …

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Chivalry Gone Awry

An interesting conversation has been taking place on Dalrock’s blog recently on the topic of chivalry, which sex provides more selfless help, and what words should be used to highlight the difference in help between men and women. Chivalry has been the word proposed and the word used but for a variety of reasons I …

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Women’s Sexual Peak Rests Atop a Pile of Lies

But of course, once you peel back the layers of victimized drivel and get to the core of the matter, you find that women drive themselves to do these things, biology leading them by the nose, because that is their quickest route to personal power, and because they don’t rise above it and find relevance in other ways.